Sister Europe / Tango EP

by Jane Woodman & Zoë Keating

Tango 04:38
And she's naked Don't talk Or you'll break it And she's all brand new Nothing there to hide You know what to do So you take it And she's waiting Can't talk Cause you're breaking As she smiles goodbye From across the room Don't know how to cry So you fake it She's all Brand new She's all Brand new She's all Brand new
stupid on the steinway so sick upon a steinway the sailors drown see them talk and see them drown and see them drink and fall around upon the floor sister of mine, home again sister of mine, home again lonely in a crowded room the radio plays out of tune so silently the radio upon the floor is stupid, it plays aznavour so out of key sister of mine, home again sister of mine, home again broken on a ship of fools even dreams must fall to rules so stupidly words are all just useless sound just like cards, they fall around and we will be sister of mine, home again sister of mine, home again ah ssss... buy a car and watch it rust sister see them fall to dust they fall around in another crowded room paint me like the shirt i'm in honestly sister of mine, home again sister of mine, home again ah ssss... sister of mine sister of mine sister of mine sister of mine


A collaboration between two friends, Jane Woodman and Zoë Keating.


Zoë Keating and Jane Woodman first met in 1996 when Zoë answered a listing in the San Francisco Bay Guardian for "moody, darkwave band seeking strings". Jane was already well known as the founder of major label band "Van Gogh's Daughter", whose video debut had regular rotation on MTV2. Zoë had recently arrived in San Francisco and had never before amplified her cello. Thus, along with bassist Gianfranco Pescetti, violinist Tony Cross and drummer Kat Zumbach, the band "Alfred" was formed.

With its lush, distorted guitars and sweeping strings, "Alfred" quickly gained fans and momentum. But just as they were getting started, the band broke up. Zoë went on to join cello-rock band Rasputina and Jane focused on her solo work.

Sister Europe / Tango combines Jane's apocalyptic romanticism with Zoë's otherworldly cello aesthetic. They are excited to work together again and hope this project will be the first of many.



released November 24, 2012


"Sister Europe "
by John Ashton, Richard Lofthouse Butler, Timothy Butler, Duncan Kilburn, Roger Morris, and Vincent Davey (EMI Blackwood Music Inc. obo EMI Songs Ltd and Vincent Davey (BMI))

guitar, vocals and programming - Jane Woodman
cello and backup vocals - Zoë Keating
saxophone - Dario Slavazza
post-production by Count


by Zoë Keating & Jane Woodman
cello, vocals, lyrics and programming - Zoë Keating
guitar & backup vocals- Jane Woodman
post-production by Count


artwork by Jane Woodman



all rights reserved



Zoe Keating Burlington, Vermont

One-woman cello orchestra


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